After all these years, the Dream Police had an open and shut case! Cheap Trick is a first-ballot inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Dave Grohl, Mike McCready, Chad Smith and fans of Cheap Trick all over the world have gotten their wish. They, and each and every one of you who supported the band over the years and took the time to participate in Fan Voting should be proud.

Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Tom Petersson and Bun E Carlos will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this April in New York! In our book, that means we’re all alright.


“How many bands of that era can be considered as heroic as Cheap Trick?”


"Cheap Trick is the soundtrack to my youth."

Mike McCready - PEARL JAM

“There is something about Cheap Trick that spoke to me. - the melodies, the songs, what they looked like - all of that made me want to be a rock guitar player.”

Fans On Cheap Trick: Live At The Coronado

"They're not? What? I thought they invented that stuff!"

The rock & roll godliness of Tom and Robin...
the endearingly dangerous nerdiness of Rick and Bun E...

and the 2 degrees of separation between perfection and imperfection - which of course, is perfect.

#VoteForCheapTrick #CheapTrick

Would you like to do a number with us - on rock history injustice?

Help make sure Cheap Trick gets into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on its first ballot.

If you’re a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame voting member, cast your vote for truth, justice and the American rock n roll way. Vote for Cheap Trick.

If you're a fan, visit choose Cheap Trick and click "Place Your Vote" at the bottom.

Long live Cheap Trick.

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